#54 - Metro Melik


Metro Melik is the Founder of Lansing Made, which focuses on lifting up everything Lansing and bringing the community together. He’s a great guy, and I’m so glad we could podcast! 🎧🎙

I’ve known Melik for years. We first met ten years ago when he had me on his TV show, Time Slot. Melik has been involved in a zillion community-building projects over the years, Lansing Made being his primary focus now.

He also has a one-person show coming up on March 1st and 2nd at The Robin Theatre called Alright People 2: Melik’s Mouth! It’s a blend of comedy and storytelling, you should check it out! 🎤

Really enjoyed our conversation!

Here’s where you can find Metro Melik and Lansing Made online 👇

Lansing Made: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Metro Melik: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Event to his show at The Robin Theatre