#53 - Marcus Cottom & Paul Vetne


Marcus Cottom & Paul Vetne are great artists, designers, and humans, and they own the kickass JiveOne5even brand! I’m so glad they could stop by to chat on the podcast! 🎧🎙

No doubt, you’ve seen their work around Lansing - the t-shirt that looks like an Oreo cookie and says REO on it, the spin-off of the Dirty Dancing logo that says Dirty Lansing, and of course, their Lansing Cuddles Harder t-shirt 🙌

Not only do they have a great artistic vision, they also do a lot for the community. On Feb 17th, they’ll be celebrating their 5th Annual Love Lansing Fundraiser, an event they created and donate the proceeds to the Lansing Public Schools Elementary Art Programs. You should go!

We talk about art, life, Lansing, podcasts, and much more, enjoy!

Here’s where you can find Marcus, Paul, and JiveOne5even online 👇

JiveOne5even: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Paul Vetne’s Solo Work: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Marcus Cottom: Instagram