#55 - Sarah Spohn


Sarah Spohn is a great human! She’s a radio host and writer, and I’m so glad to be a part of her first podcasting experience! 🎧🎙

Sarah is the host for LCC Radio 89.7 FM WLNZ’s Lansing, Loud & Local. She’s gotten to interview all sorts of great bands, and had me on a couple months ago!

She’s also runs The Palm Reader blog, which has created some great waves in the area as a new publication. Look out for her Girl Boss series coming out this month! Along with The Palm Reader, she’s also a freelance writer for other publications 💻

We talk about life, social media, writing, podcasts, and much more, enjoy!

Here’s where you can find Sarah Spohn online 👇

The Palm Reader: Website | Facebook | Instagram

LCC Radio 89.7 FM WLNZ: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Other Links: Sarah Spohn on Contently