#31 - Vicki Hamilton-Allen


This is probably the most jaw-dropping podcast I've done so far. I'm so glad my friend, Vicki Hamilton-Allen, had time to stop by for a podcast! 🙌

Vicki is the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity - Capital Region. She's phenomenal at her role, and I'll provide links for Habitat below, but that's not the main thing we discussed.

I had no idea what Vicki had been going through in her personal life over the past year. Imagine waking up to find that your family's reality is very different from what you thought it was. Vicki goes into full detail on the podcast, so buckle up and keep your arms and legs inside the cart, folks! 

We also talk about Lansing and Habitat and other cool stuff. :)

Here's where you can reach Vicki online:

Habitat for Humanity - Capital Region: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Vicki also said you can email her at vickihamilton1@msn.com if you have a similar story to tell, or if you need someone to talk to as you go through it 🌞