#30 - Kalli Dempsey & Vincent Brady


It can be hard to explain the importance of Windwalker Underground Gallery to people. You simply HAVE to see this place in person to understand everything it encompasses.

It's an art gallery. It's a live performance venue. It's a living space for artists. It's an office and collaboration space. Aside from all of these things, one thing is for sure -- this 501(c)(3) changes the way you view life.

SO excited that I got to sit and chat with Board of Directors, Kalli Dempsey and Vincent Brady!

We cover Windwalker's beginnings through the vision of its President, Richard Turbin, where the organization currently is and how it has developed a great rapport with the city of Charlotte, MI, and some of its future goals. Enjoy!

PS -- Vincent is a PHENOMENAL photographer! You NEED to see this dude's work 👇

Here's where you can find Windwalker Underground Gallery & Vincent's photography online:

Windwalker: Website | Facebook | Instagram | windwalkerunderground@gmail.com

They also have a page showing ways you can help support 👍

Vincent Brady Photography: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter