#32 - Nick Berry


Ohhhh this is an exciting one 🙌 I've been wanting to podcast with Nick Berry from Blue Owl Coffee for a long time, and we finally made it happen! I LOVE this episode so much ❤️😊

I first met Nick and the co-owners of Blue Owl, Rich Whitman and Adam Klein, back when Nick and Rich were baristas at Starbucks. They also have a booking company, Great Lakes Collective, and booked some gigs for me.

I remember when they mentioned they had an idea for a coffee shop. It's amazing to think about what that idea has become 🚀

Blue Owl Coffee is more than a coffee shop. Located in the heart of REO Town, it's a place where creators, artists, musicians, collaborators, and dreamers become the change they want to see in the world. You can feel it in the walls, and can't help but be consumed by it.

Almost any night of the week you can experience different things there. Their open mic on Monday nights has taken back Monday. (I'm a regular, of course!) They also have game nights, knitting club nights, hip hop nights, and many other themed events. You simply have to experience this place if you haven't been there before.

Nick and I talk about their original vision, their core principles that drive any decision they make (from what events to have to the hiring process), their future goals, and about Nick's experiences as an Uber driver!


Here's where you can find Blue Owl Coffee & Great Lakes Collective online:

Blue Owl Coffee: Website | Facebook | Instagram 

Great Lakes Collective: Facebook | Instagram