#21 - Ryan Carter


Always an awesome time chatting with my friend, Ryan Carter!

We met when Friedland needed IT work done, and Ryan came highly recommended from McPhee Electric.

Ryan is one of those people who leave you amazed after a conversation. His ability to explain complex topics to the masses, like how to avoid phishing attacks, the latest news in cyber security, and how to prepare for a ransomware attack, simultaneously freak me the hell out and make me grateful to know him.

Ryan now works with Maner Costerisan. They began as an accounting firm, but now have a robust IT department, of which Ryan plays a key role, and offer full scale business advising.

If you own or help run a small to mid-size business, you NEED to give Ryan a shout for IT & cyber security stuff. He's happy to give you a free consultation to see what kind of IT solutions are good for your type of business, and how to protect yourself while staying within your budget.

LOVED this conversation, enjoy!

Here's where you can find Ryan online

Maner Costerisan's Website

Ryan's Email: rcarter@manersolutions.com

Ryan's Direct Line at Maner Costerisan: (517) 886-9526