#20 - Andrew Sandstedt


So glad I could catch up with my good friend and very talented artist, Andrew Sandstedt!

I originally met Andrew through ScrapFest, which is a scrap metal art festival my family's company, Friedland Industries, helps put on together with the Old Town Commercial Association. Teams get an hour to pick up to 500 lbs of metal out of Friedland's facility, and then get two weeks to make a sculpture. The sculptures are then auctioned off right in Old Town. Andrew has been involved with ScrapFest since its inception, and he has continued to kick more and more ass ever year with the ever-increasing caliber of his artwork! (For a look at Andrew's sculpture of a Sakura [Japanese Cherry Blossom] Tree, which set a new record for the highest dollar at the ScrapFest auction last year, click here!)

He creates artwork through many different mediums, though! Andrew is a brilliant painter, for example, and his work is going to be featured in this year's East Lansing Art Festival as one of the Emerging Artists!

He also plays a key role in the development of the Cedar Street Art Collective here in Lansing, MI, which aims to foster growth among local artists and provide them with venue space.

We talk about when art entered Andrew's life, his mentors, ScrapFest, East Lansing Art Festival, and his work at the Cedar Street Art Collective. Enjoy!

Here's where you can find Andrew online

Andrew Sandstedt: Instagram