#41 - Daelynn Shafer


Daelynn Shafer, the owner of Kenneth Brandt Salon & Spa in Mason, Michigan, is one of the more inspiring people I’ve met. I’m so glad she could stop by for a podcast today! 🎧🎙

I love that Daelynn is a firm supporter of the community-over-competition mindset, both in her business and in life, and I’m constantly inspired by her words. KB has been in business for two years, and they are killin’ it! Daelynn is constantly thinking of ways to not only grow her business, but also improve the lives of those around her. We talk about business and community a lot in this episode, along with how social media can be used for both 🙌

Also, a couple of her posts online moved me so much that I asked if we could talk about them on the podcast, and Daelynn graciously said yes. One is about making calculated moves rather than reactions, and bringing your passion into wherever you currently are. The other is about anxiety and panic attacks, which is something I have as well. I really appreciate Daelynn being willing to share her story on the podcast. I know others can relate, including myself.

This whole conversation is rad and I know you’ll enjoy it! Cheers! ✨

PS — KB’s Guest Appreciation Open House is on Thursday November 8th, 5pm - 8pm, it’s free, and I’m performing at it! You should come! Here’s the Facebook event for it 👉KB Guest Appreciation Open House

Here’s where you can find Kenneth Brandt Salon & Spa online:

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