#40 - Steven Glynn


Steven Glynn is more than a photographer. He’s a storyteller with a camera. I’m so glad he could stop by and podcast today!

Steven loves to focus his photography around accomplishing a specific goal, so whether it’s your portrait, your wedding, or building your company’s brand, he has a beautiful way of telling your story to the world.

One amazing project he’s taken on in recent years is tintype photography, which was common in the 1800s, and mixes silver and light to develop photos on various surfaces, particularly metal.

After months of getting a feel for the style, Steven has now brought tintype photography into today’s world — imagine a photo of yourself in today’s clothes, but in an 1800s-style photo. Truly remarkable work!

We talk about being a creative in today’s world, Irish music, bullying, Lansing vs other cities, pizza, and more! Enjoy!

Here’s where you can find Steven Glynn online:

Steven Glynn Photography: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Limerick Band: Website | Facebook