#57 - Sara Bishop & Danielle Castillo


It has been a minute, friends! I’ve been moving into a new space, so haven’t posted a new episode in a few weeks. Really happy to be back, especially with as great of humans as Sara Bishop & Danielle Castillo of the Mysterious Midwest Podcast! 🎧🎙

Sara and Danielle have hit the ground running with MMS. They just started their podcast in January and have already released 15 episodes (and have kickass merch!) 💥

Each week, Sara and Danielle take turns researching a different mystery, crime, or crypt-related story that is based here in the midwest, and then share it with each other on the podcast. Whoever did not do the research that week is hearing the story for the first time, so you’re getting their initial reaction to it as you listen. So cool!

We talk about how MMS started, their favorite episodes so far, the Nain Rouge Festival in Detroit, podcasting in general, along with their other projects! Sara is an amazing illustrator/graphic designer under the handle Dear Ollie, and Danielle is a rad power lifter!

Really enjoyed our conversation, enjoy!

Here’s where you can find the Mysterious Midwest Podcast, Sara Bishop, and Danielle Castillo online 👇

Mysterious Midwest Podcast: Apple Podcasts | Castbox | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Sara Bishop (a.k.a. Sara Pulver a.k.a. Dear Ollie): Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Danielle Castillo: Instagram