#49 - Jonathan Watt & Matthew Shannon - Chatting about Creature of One


My good friends and Creature of One buds Jonathan Watt and Matthew Shannon are back on the podcast! 🎧🎙

The band is growing! We now have a drummer, saxophonist, and another amazing singer-songwriter in the mix, and we’re super excited about where things are going!

In the meantime, our next gig is still the trio version of Creature of One. We’re opening for the Zindles at Windwalker Underground Gallery on 1/19 (get tickets here!) 🎶

Zindles are made up of Erin and TJ Zindle from The Ragbirds, a band we all love, so we’re excited to be opening for them!

In this episode, we chat about the future of Creature of One and practice a few tunes, enjoy!

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