#38 - Shawn Cannarile & SarahJean Sews


If you’ve never had a goat jump on your back whilst doing yoga, you need to have The Original Goat Yoga experience at Hilltop Views Farm in Williamston, MI!

I’m so glad Shawn Cannarile from Hilltop Views Farm stopped by to podcast with me and SarahJean Sews for a bit! 🎧

I LOVED everything about this conversation. Shawn and Sews happen to be great friends who’ve worked together at the Michigan Department of Education for years, so it was great to hear them talk about both their work and personal experiences.

We talk about their passion for mental health awareness, Shawn’s decision to purchase the property with her husband, Nick, that has become Hilltop Views Farm, how they made the decision to have goats at the farm, and how organically that decision led to becoming a certified branch of Lainey Morse’s The Original Goat Yoga!

We also discuss some of the data behind the benefits of goat yoga, along with some upcoming events at the farm :)


Here’s where you can find Shawn Cannarile & SarahJean Sews online:

Hilltop Views Farm: Facebook | Instagram | Shawn on Facebook | Shawn on Instagram

The Original Goat Yoga: Website | Facebook (& Goat Yoga MI Facebook) | Instagram

SarahJean Sews: Website | Instagram | Facebook