#23 - It's an EpiSews! (Ugly Delicious Ep1 Recap - SPOILER ALERT!)



If you haven't watched Ugly Delicious on Netflix yet, go watch episode one about pizza, Stuffed, and then come back and listen to this!

Ugly Delicious is about more than food. It brings up a plethora of important social issues, and SarahJean Sews and I usually find ourselves in an hour-long conversation after each episode. So we decided to watch the series again and podcast about it afterward.

So again, you've been warned of the spoiler alerts! Whew, glad that's out of the way.

Also, side note, I'm kiiiiiind of a coffee snob, and love making french press. Sews found ground cacao beans that are made for french press, so we mixed it with the amazing Big Medicine coffee beans, and it kicked all kinds of ass! Here are some photos so you can see what they look like:

The cacao beans ground for french press! You can get them  here !

The cacao beans ground for french press! You can get them here!

Great coffee!  Check them out !

Great coffee! Check them out!


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PS - We also bring up my nephew, Evan's, YouTube channel on baseball. He's awesome! If you're a baseball fan, check out his work here!