#25 - Mikhail Murshak


Inventors! You NEED to listen to this episode 🚀

I loved this conversation with Mikhail Murshak from Loomis Law Firm!

Mike is an intellectual property lawyer with a wealth of knowledge about the patent process, trademarking your brand, and anything related to IP!

He also collaborates with the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) by providing free guidance to the winners of The Hatching, and he participates as a judge.

Plus, he's a super good dude 😎

We talk about everything from the ins and outs of getting a patent for your invention to the future growth of Lansing.


Here's where you can find Mikhail Murshak online

Mikhail's profile on Loomis Law Firm's website (👈you can find all of his contact info there)