#10 - Tania Howard & Jonathan Watt


What a nice podcast with these two lovely humans. :)

Tania Howard is an awesome singer-songwriter. She heads up the open mic and the regular booking at Blue Owl Coffee in REO Town, Lansing. She also has a photography and promotion business for creatives. AND, she’s selling/giving away her mandolin slicer (the kitchen tool, not the instrument!), so contact her if you’re interested! 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

Jonathan Watt is also an awesome singer-songwriter. He's an engineer by trade, and has used his skillset for everything from recording studios in Nashville to repairing x-ray machines in hospitals.

Both of them are an integral part of the growing music/arts/creative scene in Lansing, and I always enjoy chatting with them!

Here's where you can find them online:

Tania Howard: Music Website | Photography/Promoting | Instagram | Music on Facebook | Photography on Facebook

Jonathan Watt: Music Website | Instagram | Facebook