#8 - Salem Willard


My buddy Salem Willard came to Lansing on short notice, and I'm so glad we could podcast together!

Salem and I taught English as a second language in Japan at the same time through the JET Program, and created a band together while there called Deko Boko Conbi (凸凹コンビ), essentially meaning two things that are different that go well together. (Salem is 6'2" and I'm 5'7" 😁)

Salem went on to become an organic farmer in Bloomington, Indiana, and he owns the USDA Certified Organic farm, Bread & Roses Gardens, which is both a farm and plant nursery.

He's still creating music and is the middle of recording a new album, so I look forward to podcasting again when he's about to release it!

We discuss Japan, organic farming, music, and other life things. :)

Here's some ways to reach Salem:

Salem Willard on Facebook

Salem on Instagram

Bread & Roses Gardens Website

Bread & Roses on Facebook

Bread & Roses Nursery on Facebook

Bread & Roses Nursery on Instagram