#46 - Emily Duffelmeyer


So excited to share this episode with you! Jean Jean Vintage is one of my favorite businesses (and Instagram accounts) in the area, and I’m geeked that owner Emily Duffelmeyer could stop by for a podcast! 🎧🎙

If you’ve been looking for a business to fall in love with, look no further. Jean Jean Vintage sells vintage jewelry. Each piece has a story, and through each post, you can see Emily’s passion for her business. And now she has a cute brick and mortar shop located right in the heart of REO Town!

We talk about how Emily began Jean Jean Vintage, how her experience working at Zingerman’s helped shape her business mindset, her core values, how she developed her online brand, how the online brand works well with the brick and mortar shop, and Emily’s future plans!

Loved loved loved our conversation. Enjoy!

Here’s where you can find Jean Jean Vintage online:

Jean Jean Vintage: Website/Etsy | Instagram | Facebook