#43 - Greater Alexander


Super excited for this episode, friends! 🎶 Alexander Vlachos (aka Greater Alexander) and I started corresponding on Instagram a few months ago. Simply put, Alexander’s music is brilliant and moving. One of his albums, Positive Love, is seriously a go-to album for me now. I’m so glad he could stop by for a podcast and we could meet in person! 🎧🎙

We talk about philosophy, music, social media, where Alexander’s inspiration for songwriting comes from, and he plays a few tunes!

Alexander also just bought a house in Detroit and has plans to turn it into a collective for people to use as a creating and living space. We talk about the project on the podcast, and you can contact Alexander through his website if you’re interested in learning more! 👍


Here’s where you can find Greater Alexander online:

Greater Alexander: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify | Bands in Town | Bandcamp | Patreon