#66 - Andrew Sandstedt


Andrew Sandstedt is one hell of a talented dude and friend. Glad we could podcast again! 🎧🎙

Andrew is an incredible artist. He uses various mediums, and is becoming well known for his scrap metal sculpture work. Andrew and his teammates, Jeff Seelye and Manny Lopez, have won ScrapFest the past two years with their team Artistic Iron. Their work is breathtaking and you need to see it in person.✨ You can see their sculpture “Bloom” here: https://scrapfest.com/scrapfest-11-pieces

We talk about Andrew’s new artist handle and its meaning (Stal Artist), his road to growing his artist career, reflecting on this year’s ScrapFest, community over competition, and more! Enjoy!

Here’s where you can find Andrew Sandstedt online 👇

Andrew Sandstedt (Stal Artist): Instagram | Website (under construction, but coming soon!)